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N Capital Group of Companies adheres to the principles of full legal support of transactions and compliance with quality standards - this is a guarantee of maintaining well-deserved trust and impeccable reputation.

Cascais Real Estate

Cascais Real Estate has been working in the real estate market in Portugal for many years and fully meets the needs of those who want to live, work, and invest in Portugal. We personally select each property and offer guaranteed quality real estate, so that our clients can be fully confident in the quality of services provided. In addition, having a wide range of opportunities in the legal field, the company provides unique legal support.

Our professional and friendly team has many years of experience in real estate investment, and we use all our knowledge to serve our clients and investors.

Portugal property investments and real estate development projects, with a strong focus on quality of services provided.

N Capital has significant practical experience in managing investment projects. 


Thanks to active interaction with partners, the company presents to its customers the best offers in the Portuguese market under the most attractive conditions.

Adress: Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel and Spa, Rua Frei Nicolau de Oliveira 100, 2750-631
Working hours:  Mon - Fri: 10 a.m. - 5 p. m.

Investment opportunities with N Capital:

  • The property (residential or commercial), a plot of land for at least 500 thousand euros
  • The property is older than 30 years and has not been repaired - the minimum investment amount is 350 thousand euros
  • Real estate in a zone with a low population density - the minimum investment amount is 400 thousand euros
  • 1 million euro deposit in a bank
  • Establishment or purchase of a business for € 1 million
  • Creation or purchase of a business in the amount of 350 thousand euros with the obligation to create 5 work places (the opportunity to participate in international franchising)
  • Purchase of shares of real estate investment funds in the amount of at least 350 thousand euros